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Raids should be more useful
There are so little number of raids going on at any given time.

Dont you guys think they should be more relevant? like giving more gold or some other rewards, instead of brain dead running cursed island or RFC. 

My believe is that, that would bring the community more together and enhance the gameplay.

Any thoughts?
I like your idea of enriching the retro raiding experience!

I feel it could smoothen the gaps between gear levels! Drops like recipe tokens (mount token, inc. gold, flasks, or something else) could give incentives to players to join raids more often. Consider that the incentives have to be balanced in a way, that bis players won't just rush bwl in 30 minutes to farm stuff even faster ;O (no, I do not care what your actual bwl-clearing record is, but feel free to post Wink )

Since this is a complex issue I am highly interested in further opinions
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]
I don't know if it's possible to implement but it would be cool for the final boss to drop a designated instance token (eg BWL Token off Nef) lootable by each person present during the kill similar to rep turn in items in AQ40 and then have the specific instance item vendors have the option to purchase the item with that instance token. This would gurantee everyone gets at least one item per raid.

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