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Game Failure through Bug Abuse - Maojia/HolyMolyHeal
This gamer is abusing the plataform Gurubasi Arena. They are continually attacking from above and simply not allowing the oppourtunity to have a fair fight. From the person itself, they are consistantly insulting me through the chat option. After this their character is also healing constantly (cross faction) when I was with another Palladin: HolyMolyHeal. Everybody knows about this subject and this person and their manner of insulting other players when they arent as techinically good as some others. I hope im not the only one with this problem or has noticed this and believe that this is toxic for the community. 

I have attached some photos to demonstrar what I am saying.

thx =D

Thank you for the report.

Closed thread.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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