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Hello ...
Hello, my name is Bluntmeh. I am someone who has been playing wow since the early release of Vanilla and have been playing it ever since. I know a lot about PvP and can help if not train a few people some of the things i have learned over the years. I really like helping people and going out of my way to make sure that the people that need help get all their issues fixed. As I know what it's like to sometimes be a new player and not get the proper treatment. So I just wanted to say hello, that if anyone needs some help with Vanilla WoW and tips hit me up. I love gaming, swimming, hiking, biking, and of course on the occasion 'smoking'. 

Sorry for the late rep,

Welcome Bluntmeh, i've seen you in-game you are actually really friendly Smile

Have a great time here,

Hiiya Bluntmeh! Big Grin

Look forward to seeing you in-game! ^^

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