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DMT Buff Vendor
(07-30-2020, 12:45 AM)BAM Wrote: I'm not sure everyone would like the idea of players with so many buffs being so easily accessible with high /played times and not new players.

Could you make a script that draws on gold, pve tokens or pvp tokens like duel mode does? Then have that script trigger when talking to some NPC buff giver. Also remove the cost or alter it depending on /play time of the player triggering the script.

Could make it free for anyone that have playtime less than 100 hours.

(07-30-2020, 12:45 AM)BAM Wrote: What should be a fair price to pay for DMT buffs?

Do they last though death? If they do: 300gold per buff, If they don't: 100gold per buff. Or the equivalent in tokens.
Dire maul tribute buffs don’t normally last through death. (Although I wish they did lol)
I appreciate an easier way to become fully buffed!

As a long time player I experienced this phenomenon: whenever I got 1 of my bis or near bis chars buffed to the fullest for high performances at KT or clearing wings quickly - that kinda blocked me from picking this char for the next days or weeks at all! Waiting (with 2 lines of buffs tickin on my char) for the perfect situation to turn up to 700dps or more can be frustrating since it's a challenge to get raids together that perform well Wink if there was a way to have all those buffs just 'up my sleeve'/possible to get at a npc, it'd be easier for me to find players I enjoy raiding with and then go max out to the fullest!

Bc at the same time I didn't have my best geard chars to just go bonkers in ab or w/e for days and weeks..

So as I appreciate realasing this pressure a little - I'd love the idea of a 'costs for buffs'-system that rewards pve boss kills in the raids like bwl, aq40 and mc! They could drop single boss tokens bop(?) that can be turned in for any of those buffs.

that's also giving more incentives for bis players to raid along less geared players Smile
[Image: ximg.php?fid=98034626]
(Will edit original post) but also was thinking maybe add a buffed version of King Gordon to AC? Maybe inside the same building as Omen? Make him so he cant be on shotted and needs a group to kill. Would there be a way to have the rest of the guards come out when he's dead? Just another thought on this

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