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On the other hand, the druid will have more armor than warior. So the crushing damage will be lower.

A 20k hp+ druid spammed with heals can survive that in theory. Healers should rise his hp up to 100% after each hit of the boss.

Also the dps should do 5495k damage before heals go OOM Big Grin
Some quick checks on my unbuffed BiS warrior with 10.700 armor (66% dmg reduction) to.

- Crushing blow for 18010 (had to wiki this, not a pr0, but shield block will fully push crushing off the table right). Didnt have SB up indeed.
- Normal hits for 10699/11585/11830
- Lets say 12K hits at 66% armor reduction
- At 75% armor reduction that would be 8.8K hits (12K/0.34*0.25). 

Not sure how far a warriors armor is pushed with full buffs, but T3 priest gives 8% armor and shaman talent 25% extra.

Druid can reach 75% fairly easily I think. Crushings would only be 13.2K then (150%). With enough healers that might be doable.

Their 5.5M health might be an issue yea Smile You also get a debuff that puts you to sleep for 15min after a death Sad
Also we don't consider other abilities of the boss, which can also be an issue Big Grin Just no one survived long enough to test them )

For the next test we need so far:

Druid - tank
Warrior tank

In their group:
Hpally  - for armor aura
Lock - hp buff pet.
Shaman - armor buff and agility totem.

Priest (not sure about armor bonus that his T3 gives though)
A bunch of bis paladins.

At least tanks should be buffed with consumes/wbuffs.

Also this group should be in voice chat (discord) for better communications during the fight.

If this group survives long enough there is a sense of making a raid.
The warrior also can be a good tank for dragons since he can have the insane amount of hp.
Men, i love what you are doing so much!! Thanks so much. So the feralas dragon is doable with 3 tanks i heard, and some healers. Ysondre on the other hand is not ever killed on server i think. But with max survivability setup on tank
Here is my offiscial document (anyone can edit) fow who is helping out/participating.

-no aggro oriented gear, just pure survivability.
-Dodge rogue tank could even be a good idea to open up with. deathdealers/dodge build. Since the attack speed of the dragon i slow
-all world buffs ofc ( got all dragon buffs on my chars alrdy)
-Sayge's Dark Fortune of Armor ???!? or stamina?!?
- warlock im in tank group
- Priest shields
-Ancestral Healing buff from rank 1 healing shaman.
-Blessing of Sacrifice (might be better with other party buffs)
-Blessing of Sanctuary
or just wait for a hunter to get some agro and kite it around in circles
Please, join our Discord server for ppl, who are interested in killing that dragons.
ossi, pls do NOT nerf the dragons DAMAGE or hp, or at least the damage.!!!
However the could be removed.

so everyone reading, here is the planning document:
With 15k armor she will hit about 10k normal hits, and 15,2k Crushing.
it stotally doable, would be very fund with a druid tank, but we need more ppl, help recruiting, put ppl on discord and put your names in the drive sheet!

@Lannerback wants your ingame chars names? (what is your main name also)
Here is my opinion about nerfing the dragons.

Nerfing them right now - will screw the event, which is bad.

But in future dragons should be nerfed. At the moment Dragons of Nightmare that were added in 1.8 patch are much stronger than KT. They are even stronger than themsleves on official Blizzard server. That's wrong. I think they should be a bit stronger than Azuregos/Kazaak.
Remeber that there is no content for t3 players. There is no fun tank and spank or custom scripted bosses. Most bosses is about aggro or positionering. Some got retail good mechanics but we all know them to well. Also resistance gear and reparation is very strong and fun game mechanic that is missing.

There is no fun maintank heling. Most 5 man raids are morr a mana race then timing big heals..
I think making the dragon have some hardcore attributes that change time to time would keep me playing.  Having some bosses that simple hit hard to make it unpredictable is part of the fun.
when gm Bam tros events in hal everyone is exited, but then the bosses just are to week so the tank is almost not needed. Whipe mostly occurs when boss does raid AOE since there is no raid healing or raid organization/reparation.

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