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Onlyplayav harrasses players!
Hello, recently a fellow player by the name of Mengosuke and I have been harrased by a player called Onlyplayav. Supposedly my friend made a bad play in Alterac Valley, which led to constant harrass. As I will prove with my screenshots my friend was called a spastic many times, being a person that has a friend thats currently is recovering from a stroke and experiencing spasticity I felt very offended by this message and I don't believe this is how people should act on this server. My friend Mengosuke can back me up and I will include screenshots of the incident, as these types of insults oppose the terms of service that you have clearly informed us player with I want to see some action taken about this matter. Many people have told me that they too have experienced bad behavior from this player. Angry

Proof of the incident!

Please use ignore option in the game /ignore charname.

Closed thread.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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