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This Server's Raid Dilemma

I just joined this server seeking that vanilla experience we got when we first started playing WoW. I have been on the server for a couple of days now. I noticed in game and forums players are complaining the lack of raids. Here is the problem, you won't run easier raids like  OL, ZG nor will anyone of you except players with beginner characters. I'm speaking at least on my behalf. Just because a certain player has beginner gear does not indicate he/she doesn't know how to play. Gear score vs game play all over again nothing has change in WoW. Anyway, how can you find players for harder or more advanced raids if your not willing to run with any players with starter gear to get them there? It's not like the server has 1m plus players online does it? You get stuck in limbo, players with advanced gear are certain in number and not enough to have raids going more frequently. New players get discouraged, can't progress quick enough on their own to catch up. Only way alternatively is to have raid runs among just beginners which which will progress much slower than a mixed run, or one would need to farm Warsong and get 10 medals and trade for 1000 gold, then buy gear. Either way extremely time consuming, dis-encouraging may even cause players to leave the server. This is the Dilemma... GLHF!
Combination of AV and herbalism/alchemy/cooking/enchanting will easily get you to bis without having to raid gearless, then its easier to find groups and start alt looting yourself to become viable for any situation, this server is over 5 years old and very progressed, its easy to get geared if you approach it at a different angle then relatively new servers, pfquest addon is your best friend for herbalism.

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