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Britta III Halloween Tale (Voice Acting+Subs EN,FR,RUS,SER,DE)

[Image: cHnE2tb.png]

StoryLined Horror Machinima with VoiceActing & PvP Scenes

Britta III The Halloween Tale is a machinima with a very little PvP importance. To be honest, it is more a prequel machinima for Halloween than a true PvP Video. I titled it Britta III because it is my third rogue video.
I wanted to give more variety to my YouTube audience, and I made my best to bring you an handmade crafted video, worth watching. I really hope to read feedbacks on here, or wcm or on my chanel

The story is narrated to a group of childrens by a camp monitor during the Hallow's eve. This tale is about a human girl being possessed by a demoniac soul while explorating a temple... This changed the rest of her life..


Length : 00:11:08 | Size : 1080p | Fps : 30 (WCM) & 60 (YT)
Languages : English + Subs : French | English(US) | Serbian | German | Russian.

PvP part & Duel rules :
- No engineering (gear/items)
- No mind numbling poison
- No PvE weapons
- Respect some itinerary while dueling, to show the zone
Credits in the video

Thank you RetroWoW communty for watching

if any GM's wants me to modify the presentation, feel free to tell me.

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