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We are Brotherhood!
We stand together, shoulder to shoulder, sword to sword!
We are mostly PvE guild, but we do PvP too.
We are number 1 active guild you can find here.

Guild rules:

1.NO racial or religious discrimination.
2.Only English in guild chat.
3.Group up whit your guild mates for PvP or Pve.
4.This is a friendly guild, and you should be nice at least in guild chat.
5.Invite new members to guild whenever its possible.
6.If you have some profession, And what role are you (Dps,Tank,Healer) please write down in "note" section.

If you wamt to join us just /pm any Brotherhood member you see!We will gladly recruit you!

For any other information you wgould like to know, please /pm Genisa or Plaviwalter

Genisa the guild leader
I'm an atheist racist who is rude but I have T3 and pvp skills can I has invite?

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