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When the police comes aka Consul^^

Here we are..... Warlock pulled with Eye so we only pulled the Boss !

Than we all died and a Gm Consul appeared.

It was Mlsha first Naxx, but Consul was really kind and told us how to do it without tricks.

He warned us if we abuse again we would have been banned for sure !


Thug life choose us
Thank you for the kind words!

Just making sure you guys are doing bosses as intended and without any exploits!

Best Regards,
- The only thing I fear, is running out of beer!
And THAT'S how you handle that situation. Not swinging the ban-hammer, teach them right first and that usually stops exploiting.

+1 to Consul
yeah noticed that GM has been very active lately....

+1 to consul and avale
I like that the GM's are part of the community here. LOVE that fact.
Nice man, it's cool to see that GM doesn't instant ban, it keeps an healthier population as well, nice move.
(01-28-2018, 04:42 PM)pearla Wrote: LOL ss of miq breaking the rules even years ago classic

Ofc... he can't play without breaking the rules lmao


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