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Hello gentlemen
i have a problem , im from kuwait and i play with 3 brothers , one of them is a trouble maker and he keep speedhacking and get banns , but one time we all got banned , i was doing ony and got dc'd then temp ban
im thinking about donating but im afraid of this problem
is there away to separate him from me ? or can u guys find out who is the trouble maker without banning us

and i would like if its possible to get my account back
Acc name : Apaladin
Char : Edempsear

many thanx

First of all, there are 3 accounts on your IP, 2 of them are obvoius hacking accounts.
Secondly, you have been banned twice on your account for hacking aswell, once from one of our GMs and once from our anticheat.

Best of luck to you and your 3 brothers but you will remain banned.

Happy Holydays
RetroWoW staff

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