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Hi, macros here
Hi! I'm name is Gnawbon, I'd like to share you with some a few macros that I use for every day pvp. I take no credit from these macaros, i only post them here so others can enchance their exp here on

DISCLAMIER: theres are only hunter macros, so please help me by to posting more macros you use : )

Mashable frost trap button (will call ur pet off ur target, feign death, and freeze trap):
/script PetFollow();
/cast Feign Death
/cast Freezing Trap(Rank 3)

Scatter sShot:
/script PetFollow();
/cast Scatter Shot

Big hitter meele mode (will cast mongoose when avialbel and raptor strie):
/cast Mongoose Bite(Rank 4)
/cast Raptor Strike(Rank 8)

If u have any, please include some macros that U use !
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
/cast Frostbolt(Rank 11)
For war i got:
/script if not IsCurrentAction(59) then UseAction(59) end;
/cast Mortal Strike(Rank 4)

The purpose of this macro is to turn my auto attack on 24/7 this way you never miss an auto attack which can be really frustrating when it happens. it won't turn your auto attack off even if you keep spamming it. I pretty much do the same with every other spells i want it on such as Hamstring for example. Action slot 59 is the second last slot to the right on the bottom right action bar so just put auto attack on here and it'll press it for you when you press your main abilities.

and a good ol'
/use Major Healing Potion
/use Whipper Root Tuber
/use Lifegiving Gem

This is pretty much a 100% hp back panic button for war.

For rogue i got some sort of cancel aura that requires the addon SuperMacro to work. It works with pretty much any buff in the game that you would normally right click at the top of your screen to get rid off such as bubble for example.

/Unbuff Vanish
/Unbuff Stealth

This one is used to cancel vanish and stealth for Vanish + flag repick since vanish and stealth doesn't get automatically removed when you click the wsg flag. Just put the macro on your bar and bind it.

Another neat macro that works with SuperMacro is
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetPVPRankProgress());

what this does is give you your rank percentage. It'll give you numbers such as 0.1242574265375868523 but only the first 3 digits after the dot matters. so for example what i just wrote would be 12.4% into whatever rank you have. I've got a couple more macros but they're not very useful so i'll leave them out.

My favorite one is /sit.
for priest

buff: /script if not buffed("Inner Fire") then cast("Inner FIre",1) elseif not buffed("Touch of Weakness") then cast("Touch of Weakness",1) end
holy nova: /run if UnitAffectingCombat("player") then CastSpellByName("Holy Nova(Rank 6)") else CastSpellByName("Holy Nova(Rank 1)") end
fear: /script SpellStopCasting()
/cast Psychic Scream(Rank 4)

shield: /script SpellStopCasting()
/cast Power Word: Shield(Rank 10)

self dispel: /target name
/cast Dispel Magic
/script TargetLastEnemy();
I don't want to post my shaman macros in case Worstshaman sees it.

I WILL say this for shaman though, there is a lot of benefit from having macros to switch your weapon on every cast (healing mace for LHW, +dmg mace for chain lightning, LB, and shocks)

Also, an anti-rogue macro helps, with stoneclaw, magma R1, and poison cleanse on it.
(12-25-2015, 07:14 PM)Kamil Wrote: My favorite one is /sit.

Improved sit/stand:

/run if(_g_g_f == nil)then _g_g_f = CreateFrame("frame"); end function _g_g_() SitOrStand();end; if(_g_g_b == nil) then _g_g_b = 1; _g_g_f:SetScript("OnUpdate", _g_g_); else _g_g_b = nil; _g_g_f:SetScript("OnUpdate", nil); end

also not mine, credit to zrzr from another unnamed private server
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]
I use this one all the time

/Checkifbg=prem ifyes;/afk ifno;

I'll contribute one that I came up with

/cast throw
/cast shoot bow
/cast shoot crossbow
/cast shoot gun

This way you never have to drag each one out of your spellbook every time you change a ranged weapon.  I usually assign this to the macro that looks like a slingshot.
[Image: izW8PhA.png]
Here's a cool macro I found (hunter macro) that sends your pet on any totems being placed, without switching your target (not tested myself yet):

/target Tremor Totem
/script PetAttack();
/script TargetLastTarget();
/script PetPassiveMode();
"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist."
[Image: ks9xXfy.jpg]

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