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--> My ban appeal <-- Please unban
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Account Name: Santiix

Ban Reason: i dont know

Information about your ban: im pretty much clueless why i got banned, since i gave my account information to an old friend of mine, cuz i lost interest in playing on the server but wanted to come back and enjoy the server and the community again.

Additional Information: I played for a while on the server a pretty long time ago, and was decently geared (mage had T2) but then gave the account to a friend of mine (he is a very casual player and doesnt have the nerves to face the effort to gear up his characters himself) who did something i dont know what it was and then after i wanted to play on my account a few days back again i noticed it was banned.

Will keep my account for my own in the future, learned my lesson.

I hope you had a nice Christmas and a happy new years.

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