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Called out by being said feenix fan boy
I am no way a feenix fan boy,i was implying what i said in world chat as this would be feenixs only saving grace towards what would be an otherwise dying vanilla wow server, of course i am gonna try out their server,but that doesnt mean it will be better than RetroWoW,i love this server,and you GMs know that i do,specially with all the suggestions to help make this place more appealing for everybody here. Big Grin

account: adobekc21
You got banned for something said in world chat?

..... You must've really promoted another server in that case. Big no no
[Image: izW8PhA.png]
I vote to unban. He is ALWAYS online and on the forums and an active member of our community. If he did mention ______ I'm sure he didn't mean it as advertisement at all.

But don't talk about other servers, I'd like people to stay here with us Big Grin
+1 for unban. He's definitely learned not to talk about other servers from this.

And he probably cares more about this server than just about anyone else who plays here.
[Image: izW8PhA.png]
Correct Lavz,i love this server and staff,i never had any intentions on promoting another server in anyway,currently i am still banned,but its a big big deal to me,this won't stop me from loving this server,i love the commmunity here and GMs,my mistake was came from saying i would try out Feenix's new storm server,but that not mean i was like gonna like Feenix more than RetroWoW,i will never stop playing here as long as i am able to keep playing, thank you guys for all the support, again i apologize,but it was not meant to be for advertising of Feenix. Smile
Protip bud; don't even mention another server's name. I'm almost certain that's why you got the boot.
[Image: izW8PhA.png]
true that, probably the other players who mentioned it too got the boot aswell,so its just wait for me and see what happens lol, i apologize staff,i didnt mean to promote,but it was not intentional,simply a mistake on my made,i love this server and that wont change for me. Smile
Adobekc21 has been given a 24h ban.
You are free to log back in when it has expired!

Best Regards,
- The only thing I fear, is running out of beer!
Consul is pro GM.
Leaves the hackers with BS stories banned and unbans for honest mistakes.
+1 million.

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