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Unban please
Sorry for creating a thread again..but i accidentally deleted the first
Account name : Austinkarthik
Ban reason : For creating more than 3 accounts using same IP?
Information about your ban : Was doing BWL with some fellas...and accidentally got DC..and there was "BB" in the text area ... all the 3 accounts i created are banned Sad
Additional Information : I assure you i wont do this again and follow the rules accordingly...btw this was my first day after so many days and i got banned Sad
Please help me Undecided
        -Everybody poops...even batman ..
Sorry again please...or maybe it is for vote abuse..
I assure you this wont happen again trust me please
I am dying to play this game again please please
I PROMISE this wont happen ! :3 ( IP ban i guess )
        -Everybody poops...even batman ..
Greetings Hogrider.

As far as I can see you are not banned anymore when i'm looking onto the ban informations.
Please post another reply if I'm wrong.

Best regards
Its still the says the account is closed
I cant log in my any ID
I think my IP got banned
Please help me
Eagerly waiting for your response :3

Thank you in advance
        -Everybody poops...even batman ..

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