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Questions about my ban
Hi, I was banned because I resetted Anub'rekhan (rule11). All i want is to know how long it will last (if its 24 or 48 I think its fair but premanent seems harsh) and I would really appreciate a more detailed note on what bugs are illeagal so I can better avoid them in the future. I feel like there are alot of bugs that is being treated like features instead of an actual exploit (ex. I've seen locks giving several SS)

Best Regards
Hello Bjorkman.

First of all, i’m pretty positive if you go on youtube and search for the Anub fight, you will not see any kind of video where the group pulls the adds to the door and resets the boss.
Most of this stuff is common sense and is easy avoidable - at this moment all of the bosses can be done 100% without any form of abuse or exploits.

You and your group has been given a 24h ban for violating rule 11 listed on the forum and you are all free to log back in tomorrow, but have in mind that further exploits will lead to larger ban periods and in the end it’s gonna be permanent.
If you haven’t already, I suggest you go read the rules asap.

Hope to see you ingame soon!

Best Regards,
- The only thing I fear, is running out of beer!

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