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Enigma - Recruiting
Hey guys Solid here, probably seen me around here and there.

Starting up a new guild for those that are on the complete opposite timings of the server.

Looking for those that are particularly not in full starter and also would like to raid between 9Am ST to 3Pm ST through-out the week, those raid times however are not mandatory nor will scheduled raiding will commence here, just looking for activity between those times.

If you think you are looking for a guild that's laid back and less strict and elitist about how they do things than look no further.

However we do require a few things before you just jump straight in

Speak somewhat English and understand what we are trying to tell/say to you
Able to learn new mechanics and adjust to situations from awareness.
Know your class abit please, you are no help with "wot is poison for wep" as a rogue.

those are some minor requirements

if you'd like to have a look around, please let me know, send me an in game mail at Solidstuff or Solidfap.

Cheers guys have a good one Big Grin

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