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Bigger Slot Bags.
Theres nothing bigger. You'd have to modify other bags to make it work. (remove restrictions)

Foror's crate wasnt added until tbc

Just make a bank alt
Btw Mort, there are 24 slot enchanting bags if i'm not mistaken. These can be beneficial for your enchanting mats etc. Same with Row, very useful for abundance of mats.
My bags on my druid are filled to the brim with GEAR for 5 sets of gear and consumables. I have 3 bank alts with full materials. Most of the items on my druid are BoP or some kind of consumable that I use often. I don't even have more than a couple cosmetic items that are about to get deleted in favor of having more space to work with.

I spend time just about every day reorganizing space so that I can have two open slots in my inventory. Do you know what it's like to play a battleground with full bags? spam that looks like this:

"You cannot be rewarded a pvp token because your inventory is full. "

I don't get why there's any kind of resistance to this idea at all. An idea like this would benefit literally every single person who plays on this server. If it's impossible to input, cool, that's fine; we're just asking if it wouldn't be very hard to do and we would appreciate it if any dev took time out of their day to make a bunch of nerds happy.

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I agree with this 100%!
Bag space is a huge problem for me. For example:
On my shaman I utilize 3 full gear sets to swap. That's not including my engineer sets, situational gear swaps, additional trinkets, etc.
PvP Tokens take up ~4-12 slots before purchasing a HWL armor or weapon, respectively.
Typically I have a minimum 4 slots of food(100), minimum 4 slots of noggen(100) taken.
That's not including profession shit- mats/bombs/other items. Spell mats(anhk, fish oil, shiny fish scale).. potions, scrolls, rep items, fun items, mounts, totems, etc.

Like Lavz said, I don't understand why you wouldn't want bigger bags? What's the downside to that? Nothing but good can come from this and if you don't like it, then you could purchase a bag that doesn't have that many slots.

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Hmm. I've played Vanilla for years and always hated bag size. I've played BC and hated bag size. I played on WotLK funservers with 36 slot bags and hated bag size. Basically, learn to manage what you have. You're going to clog your bags no matter what because you just stuff them with random bullshit then complain when you have full 18 slot bags that you cannot manage. You'd do the same with 36 slot, it would just happen less often. Learn to manage vanilla inventory. If carebears keep bitching this server is going to be Cata with Vanilla talents and gear.
I have managed 18 slot bags on a 200 days played toon on a blizzlike server. On a PROT warrior. I had Fire resist sets and Nature resist sets for Prot and Fury, same with Frost since I wear leather for frost fury. I have a DPS fury set and a PVP arms set, not counting the tank set I had on top of the other tank set, considering i'd swap out 6 or 7 items depending on encounters when you start to accumulate more gear for versatility. Did I mention I was a LW? I always have random mats and cosmetic junk as well.
Basically what I'm saying is, if you cannot handle the inventory, quit being so god damn lazy.

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