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Need people to play with
For a server as populated as this one I find it incredibly strange how freaking difficult it is to find a group for anything. Seems like no one runs anything that will get you gold or items when you're *****, yet when people are looking for MC or BWL groups they get all pissy when you have starter gear.

If there were more people on this server I could totally understand why the gold requirement for items is as high as it is. However when there aren't as many people on here the bar for entry seems pretty ridiculous. I've had one successful Cursed Island group since I've started, and it's been about a week. What the hell is going on here?

I'm really tired of spamming /yell and general chat for 2 hours before I get any responses then only to have that group fall apart like 5 minutes into the run.

If you see me on, please message me and lets get a group for something going.
Dennie and Anngie are my characters.
If you got some semi decent buddies you can do AQ40 and BWL in starter. But I agree with you, the gear requirements for AQ40 are retarded, while it is one of the easiest dungeons on retro.

Try to make the best of it and just lol at 250dps aq40 geared ppl.
Can you talk with me when you see me online (Row , Tow)

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