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Suggestions from new player
I realise this post may not be very popular with some of the people who have been on this server for a long time, but speaking as someone who is new here and trying to gear up I feel I must at least say my piece.
I feel like the constant "premade" BG's are kind of ruining the PVP experience here.
I understand that premades have always been a thing in wow, but with such a low population it makes it almost depressing because the full group of people gearing up end up facing a full group of completely geared people over and over and over again.
On retail wow you cannot take a group of more than 5 people to a random BG with you, and I feel like this could be something implemented here.  It would stop the ridiculous unfairness of BG's at the moment where you literally have ZERO chance however got a player you are because you are in starter gear and they have 10 people in full T3 or High Warlord gear.
I really try not be be someone who "whines" for no reason, but I have spoken to a couple of other people who are new to the server and they all feel the same thing.  The one reason which makes them think the server may not be for them is the lack of a "balanced" pvp community. 
Other things that could be implemented is a system where premades could queue BG's into other premades.  It wouldn't take much to set up.
The last suggestion I have is another PVP type thing for geared people to engage in.  Maybe an arena type system could be implimented?  I have seen such things on other vanilla "fun servers" and they have been really successful. 

Anyway, this is my feedback from having played here for a week or so.  Constantly queueing into premades all evening is soul destroying and has made me log off 2 evenings in a row now.
The pvp should be fun for veterans and new players alike, and at the moment I really do believe more new players would stay playing here if the premade problem could be solved without impacting any of the veteran players too much.

Thanks for listening.
I can definitely see your point as a new player, it's frustrating I get it.  Even with 5 man premades though on a server such as this the win/loss ratio for new players is going to be the same if not worse.  Instead of having 10 people in 1 game geared you are now going to have 5 people geared in 2 games with the chance that both those 5 man groups end up still on the same team. + now where a single game could have 20 people in it who are all geared there will now be a possible 4 games with 5 people in it who are geared.  This number can dance around of course I'm not going to get into that.  My point is if you have cared to read this far is that all the geared people who are in these premades have put their time in and can probably out PvP most of the new players anyways. So really the difference that 5 players makes is pretty minimal, especially when already vs starter groups half the people in the prem groups fuck around anyways.

9.9/10 times sure I will crush a starter. But out of that 9.9 ratio 80% of them don't know how to use their skills.  I cant even count how many times now I have fought warriors that don't use hamstring on me as a warlock or don't use their fear breaking skills zerker rage or deathwish if they have it or, whatever.  The same goes for rogues and their cooldowns, or mages or anyone.  I am not saying you fall under that category but this is just the simple fact.  I have been killed by starters before and any geared person that says they never has is a liar.  And if they do come on here and say they haven't well then maybe I should go load up on starter gear and show them it's possible and I dont have a single piece of t3 on my warlock. I have t2 and random epics and can still shit on full t3 players.

Also, with this post I would assume that you have not yet been in a premade group on the server.  So I will let you in on a little information that most premades at least mine try to follow.  Usually we try to keep it with 5 people anyways.  Trying to Queue with 10 people takes way too long for games to pop and most people don't have the patience to wait for entire games to end.  My guild plays together fairly often so we know how to follow a strategy and know how to play with each other.  I know I can count on my healer to be behind me, or our FC can count on me to fear bomb and cc and so on.  I have been in starter groups and no one talks at all.  You can't hold it against us because we communicate and know each others play styles.

Don't take this as an argumentative point of view but maybe some food for thought.
[Image: tumblr_mtl6aaeS3d1sitslto1_500.gif]
If 5 man prem limit would pick up I expect more bg's to be up tbh

Im in for 4 or 3 too Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
I've been screaming this on forum for quiet a time now, we need to limit premade to group only, no more raid , 5 person max!! Please!
In reply to Minddecay. I understand that "new players" as in people who are not Wow veterans are of course going to be at a disadvantage in BG's, but that's not really the kind of person I was talking about. I have played Wow since 2006, and have a pretty decent grasp of game mechanics, and I do think that most (obviously not all) of the new players coming to the server will have previous experience with the game, so I believe it is more of a gear problem than a L2P issue with the premade groups.
Yes, even if you limit the premade groups to 5 man like on retail you will still have groups with a massive advantage, but since you will more than likely have 5 premade players on the opposing team as well, and 5 "starter gear" players on each team, you will promote a more equal system than 10 guys in full T3 / R14 gear going up against 10 guys who are gearing up and have little in the way of decent gear yet.
Of course you can never balance random BG's and there will always be more geared or better players on one side. I'm not looking to push some arbitrary enforced balancing of a system which is inherently unbalanced, just to tone down the size of the premade groups to make it a little more accessable to new players.
I honestly believe that having full 10 man premades farming people who are gearing up all evening is causing new players to just think "screw it" and go play elsewhere. It is a minor change that could vastly improve the PVP experience on the server and I believe it is worth trying out to see how it goes.
After all there is nothing to lose by testing the system out, and if in hindsight it doesn't promote a more "equal" and fair PVP experience for everyone involved it could be reverted.
I will also mention that I think this could have a positive effect on veteran players too, because farming and 1 shotting guys in blues all evening MUST get boring after the initial thrill of being overpowered. I know I get extremely bored in BG's if there is no challenge whatsoever. I much prefer to BG against a team that has at least a chance to put up a decent fight.

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