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LFM GameMasters (Positions are opened)
Would you love to be a part of guild called <Staff>?
RetroWoW is looking for new in-game supporters! (All timezones)

Age: Eighteen and above(18+);
Language: English - Fluent;
Played time: At least one month old account with active character/s on it;
Ban history: No ban history allowed.

Application form: 

Account Name?

What is your real full name?

Where are you located?

What is your local time zone (GMT)?

How old are you? Include your birth date.

Which languages are you fluent in (Besides english)?

Have you any experience with mangos commands?

Have you ever been a GM in the past?

If the above is yes, where and how long have you been a GM for?

Why are you no longer a GM there?

What makes you think you would be a good candidate for this position?

Tell us more about yourself.
Why RetroWoW? 
Skype: <Name>

Please send a private message by clicking here
We will contact you through skype within 7 days once your application is approved.

Retro-WoW Staff.
Applications are opened.

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