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so every time i log in some of my characters, i login to the mall and cant see anything just the wilderness of hyjal,  and if i try cast a spell it just gets stuck in the casting animation so i have to alt tab and exit wow. i cant access my main character anymore very annoying.

has anyone else experienced this and how to fix?
Yes, seems like a lot of people are getting this bug at the moment. I myself got it on all of my current characters,
which basically means I can not play. This needs to be handled asap.
Make a new character make a ticket and a gm will promptly teleport all your characters to wintersprings and avoid hyjal for the time being
Pretty much what Warkink said, and also. Don't log out when your character is at the mall. Seemed to solve it for me.
Just relog multpile times
Jump off hyjal - close client log back in and unstuck back

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