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<La Crème de la Crème> Recruit new members
<La Crème de la Crème>

Recruit new members, we are a brand new guild who is looking for experience player and who committed on Retro-wow. Our goal is to have fun as a team and create a strong bond between our members, we main as a PvP guild so expect a lot of premade bg and eventually will create fun PvP events, but that does not stop us from doing PvE to help our member gearing up and also in order to optimize our characters in general. So if you are mature, a veteran of wow, and want to have fun as a team then feel free to /w Traxexraider or Hardmachin when available to apply, we will have a duel just to check you are not a filthy mousecliker / backpedaler Tongue.

-Mumble server up.
-forum on the way.

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