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A lot of people bug the Thaddius door, which is stupid, so here is how to kill Gluth.


Gluth has two main mechanics.  First, zombies periodically spawn from the three green vats near the entrance of the room.  These zombies have 900 health and will heal Gluth for 5% of his max HP should they get near him.  The zombies will run at Gluth unless they are aggroed.  Single zombies hardly do any damage, but they apply a stacking debuff which increases the physical damage taken by their target, and so do heavy raid damage if they're allowed to accumulate.  Additionally, every 90 seconds, Gluth performs a decimate.  When Gluth decimates, every zombie in the room will ignore all aggro and make a beeline for Gluth.  The zombies are cc-able, but it's easiest to simply ensure that the room is free of zombies when Gluth decimates.

Second, Gluth applies a stacking debuff which decreases healing effects on his target.  Each stack of the debuff reduces healing done on the target by 10%.  The debuff is applied every 14 seconds and lasts for 20 seconds.

In addition to these two main mechanics, Gluth will perform an AoE fear every 30 seconds.  He will hard enrage after his 4th decimate, or 6 minutes into the fight.

Group compositions

Composition 1.  Use this composition if your boss-oriented DPS can comfortably do 1k dps.
Tank (prot warrior or bear)
Taunter (fury warrior or feral druid)
Add-oriented DPS (any dps works)
Boss-oriented DPS (mage / warlock)
Healer (any healer works)

Composition 2.  Use this composition if you don't have a RDPS who can comfortably do 1k.
Tank (prot warrior or bear)
Taunter (fury warrior or feral druid)
Add-oriented DPS (warlock)
Boss-oriented DPS (any dps works)
Healer (paladin)

Strategy with composition 1

Position Gluth near the door to Thaddius.

The taunter and the add-oriented DPS are on zombie watch.  Outrange Gluth's fear and keep the room completely free of zombies.

The mage / warlock's job is to burn down Gluth before the 6 minute hard enrage.  Around 800-900 dps is necessary.  Outrange Gluth's fear and don't position where you'll mess up zombie aggro.

When the tank reaches 6 stacks, let him tank 3 boss swings.  Then the taunter should taunt Gluth off.  The tank should taunt Gluth back as soon as the taunter recieves a stack of the debuff.  It's good for the tank and taunter to both save their fear immunity (berserker rage) for when the taunting happens.  The cooldowns shouldn't be wasted at any other point.  Gluth should not be taunted when he is enraged.  Just wait for the enrage to pass, and taunt at 7 or 8 stacks if necessary.

Strategy with composition 2

Position Gluth near the left wall of the room (from the perspective of the room's entrance).

The taunter and the boss-oriented DPS work together to burn down Gluth before the 6 minute hard enrage.  Again, they need to reach around 800-900 combined dps.  The taunter (and boss-oriented DPS, if melee) should position on the far side of Gluth, closer to the entrance to Thaddius, so as to not mess up zombie aggro.  The taunter should taunt as described above.

The warlock and paladin should position so that their consecrate and hellfire cover every zombie's path to Gluth.  The warlock should aoe the zombies down using hellfire.  It's important to ensure that the room is free of zombies prior to every decimate.  If the zombies get too out of hand, the taunter and boss-oriented DPS should come help, especially if a decimate is incoming.

enjoy the loooottttttt
Thx for the info!

Unfortunately, people will keep buging the door for as long as you need a specific comp for this fight i.e. Off tank. If you need to change your comp for a fight people will try to skip it if they can because every group cannot bring an off tank to the fight. Remember this is 5m raids so you're limited to the chars your players have and not everyone has many geared alts.

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