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Black Qiraji
A vendor of luxury goods for rich and bored player  waiting for the world pvp area with :

Black Qiraji for 150k gold :

I dont know any other very rare goods in vanilla, but i'm pretty sure they are 2 or 3 more very nice stuff tho.

Since we cant have 150k gold on a character, maybe we could turn gold for special token, and then we turn those token for the mount.
Like 1 special token cost 10k gold, therefore we would need 15 special token for the black Qiraji.

Hope it can be done !
Gold cap is 214k you peasant <3
But yes, could be a nice luxury purchase if there's no intention of allowing completion of the quest chain at least.
Maybe add the OP seasonal consumables for a high fee as well, such as Fire-Toasted Bun (23327), Elderberry Pie (23435), Toasted Smorc (23211), and Midsummer Sausage (23326).

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