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MAKE AV GREAT AGAIN! Player suggestion!!
[Image: BICtKaZ.jpg]
I want av too :"(
Can we get some informacion wen its gona be opened ?

Pls keep people informative .

PS: sory for my poor english
AV will be great again...And it will be yuuuge and golden and have a big fat nice door on it AND the ALLIANCE will pay for it! Yes they will, believe me believe me...But yes, bring this on please. AV old school style was excellent.
Still waiting.for any informacion for it comon retrowow team give us someting keep the dreem real or I should start calling you retrolol ?
If you want to keep the dream real you should get a bunch of your friends and go to the test realm to help them figure out how to make this work as a 20v20
That is job man.
Still looking for informacion retrolol ?
Donate then, motivate them a little, if you play here for free and ask for anything to get done you don't deserve to play here.
Well Im a poor guy from poor country cant afort such a big donation for any 1 who is not even eny futures informacions .
You are not entitled to anything, if you're just asking for stuff but you are not willing to give anything you can stfu and wait for an official announcement regarding AV's release..

In the meantime AV works on the test realm, for somebody who claims he doesn't need any gear it won't matter to you if you don't get anything out of this except for a FASTER RELEASE of your beloved battleground.

If you don't help them you don't deserve AV. Especially if you are playing for free and making demands.

Unhappy about this? Gtfo. It's not like you're contributing anyway.

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