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"FILTH" is a new PvP Guild made by Pathologist. We take in anyone who wants to do Battlegrounds and arena with a friendly group of players.

What we want from you as a player is that you bring a good attitude upon joining "FILTH", treat others the wat You want to be treated.

PvE is not restricted in "FILTH", but 99% of our members are focused on the PvP scene, so if you want to raid, raid.
Some people have difficulties PvP:ing in the Starter gear, which is understandable.
So we will not kick you out if we see you raid here and there.

If you have questions or if you want any further information about "FILTH", please message either Pathologist or Vizionisth in-game, thank you for reading this and have fun playing!

- Guild Master: Pathologist
- Officer: Vizionisth

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