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<NAXX BEGINNERS> is recruiting the following healer classes: paladins, priests, druids and shamans.

our guild has been around for roughly 2 weeks ago and was originally created so people in aq40 and bwl gear could start raiding naxx together. progression has been fast and we are now at KT. We usually have about two or more groups raiding naxx every day.

We require the following prerequisites from applicants:
You have full cleared aq40.
are geared enough to start doing the first bosses in naxx.
Using 1-2k in consumables in one naxx run is not too much of a problem.
being ok with wiping a lot to learn fights.
mage here! i love to pve i never skip guild nights or anything because im always avalibe i dont have bis atm im like t1.5 i would love to join tho and i swear that in the next week ill be t2.5-3 Smile
message me in game, name is 'stroggo' or 'strogg'
update: we are now recruiting priests and shamans
Rogue t2.5 and Bis pre naxx gear if you'll have me. I raided all this almost 11 years ago and have enjoyed this server so far. I'm looking to join an active guild and have fun. Thx
send me a message in game
hi im a pre raid geared holy priest id like to join you guys to progress
my name is getpranked
troll holy priest
i left guild, not sure who GM is atm
hi, im a aq40/naxx geared fury warry and i would like to join ur guild. 

that guild is no moar

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