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Looking for Guild/ Cerco Gilda
Hi my name is Luca and (currently) my two characters are two tanks, my main,  Druid tank (Zampone) and my off, Warrior tank (Scudo). 
I used to play as tank in other wow versions so i'd like to continue tanking.

I'm mainly looking for an italian guild but i'd also like to join a friendly international guild which can help me with my terrible english (trying to do my best with it) XD

Whisper me in game coz i really would like to join an active guild!


Ciao mi chiamo Luca e i miei due pg (attuali) sono due tank, il principale, druido tank (Zampone) e il mio off, warrior tank (Scudo).

Ho sempre giocato come tank anche in altre versioni di wow e vorrei continuare a tankare.

Sto cercando principalmente cercando una gilda italiana ma mi piacerebbe entrare in una gilda internazionale amichevole che mi possa aiutare col mio inglese (sto cercando di fare del mio meglio) XD

Contattatemi in game perchè vorrei davvero entrare in una gilda attiva!

#2 chek this 1 is active and got alot of fredly people Wink
(12-10-2016, 04:38 PM)Lovee Wrote: chek this 1 is active and got alot of fredly people Wink

Thank you! And they're looking for druids! Great!
Yes we are, right now we have requirement of tier two+ gear in order to join, though. But whisper me in-game on either Douevenlift or Beerpaladin if you'd interested in joining, mate!

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