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Improved models
(12-30-2016, 01:31 PM)popsis Wrote: Hello , i found an amazing thing , improved models , those look really beautiful most of them from Legion/WoD . The patch takes 500mb , and i wonder if i could get banned for using it.
Before this one i used allways just modified druid forms that needed few MB's.

Can some GM confirm if i can use it.

For everyone who is interested in trying just download it and copy to World of warcraft Data folder , if you wont like it , just delete !
Single file , no instalation, worth trying , all character models changed to newer version , same with druid forms , some spells... Also character movement is also improved alot.

Some screens of it :

Sorry to necro the post but - 
Which one of those files do I download? are they the same thing?
Anyone knows if it works for mac client?
Absolutely love this.
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