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Do you want KT? This is how you get KT.

Firstly, we shall say that this Guide is for a CHALLENGE and is intended for players who do not wish to use handicaps in their fight (eg. double-triple healer, LoS'ing KT abilities, disabling mana explosion, broken Priest T2 set bonus, broken Sham healing totem+amp).

I'm also not going to bother explaining some abilities, as KT has been out quite a while and surely all have heard/experienced them by now.

Right off the bat you will want some FAT BAFFS. All improved/talented Class buffs as well as world buffs - Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Spirit of Zandalar, Silithyst Dust, Songflower Serenade, Darkmoon Faire 10%, and any seasonal buffs available. A full range of expensive and obnoxious-to-farm consumables will help a great deal as well - Elixirs, Juju Powers, Scrolls, Brilliant Mana/Wizard Oils, Elemental Sharpening Stones, Flasks, Food buffs, etc. Are all of these necessary? Mostly no. Will it make the encounter much quicker and more likely to succeed? Extremely.

Now those all help but, if nothing else, everyone in the group should have at least 5 Greater Frost Protection Potions and pop them on every CD (except mages perhaps, depending if Mana Explosion drained them). On an average 6-7 minute fight it will save the healer 40,000 HP worth of healing!

Along with these buffs, you will want a TANK who can reach 300 Frost resist which we shall get to later. Also not necessary if your group is insane with interrupts, but being able to fully resist 3-4k Frostbolts can be a complete raid-saver.

Group Composition - This is for MAXIMUM efficiency, you can do whatever comp you like.

You will want ONE ROGUE - A kickbot with 900-1.1k DPS? Yes please.
You will want ONE PALADIN - Pala heals ezgame ezlife. Can be done with Priest as well without cheesing it if they are a true champion.
You will want EITHER - 2 mages who are in-sync with each others' ignites and can roll them well together.
You will want ONE MAGE - With all the above-mentioned baffs it should be pretty easy to roll your own big boy ignites, and has an extra interrupt for any "Oh sh!t~" moments.
You will want ONE WARLOCK - AKA Curse of Elements bot with some mediocre DPS but, does boost the mage DPS which is all that matters.
You will want NO TANK - Unless you are a weak scrub then maybe you will want a tank.

Total group DPS should be about 3.6k - 4.5k depending on 1 or 2 mages.

Tank Frost Resist

How much resist do I need? 300? Sick.
The arguably optimal Frost set that I use and believe is best is as follows:
Head : Icebane Helmet + ZG Enchant
Neck : Mark of C'Thun
Shoulder : Icebane Pauldrons + Fortitude of the Scourge
Back : Cryptfiend Silk Cloak + 1% Dodge
Chest : Dreadnaught Breastplate + 4 Stats
Wrist : Icebane Bracers +9 Stamina
Gloves : Icebane Gauntlets +15 Agility
Belt : Dreadnaught Waisitguard
Legs : Icebane Legplates + ZG Enchant
Boots : Dreadnaught Sabatons + Minor Speed
Ring1 : Ring of Emperor Vek'Lor
Ring2 : Hailstone Band
Trink1 : Onyxia Blood Talisman
Trink2 : Styleen's Impeding Scarab
Weapon : Thunderfury OR Hungering Cold OR Harbinger of Doom +15 Agility
Shield : The Plague Bearer + 8 Frost Resist
Ranged : Crossbow of Imminent Doom + 3% hit

With this set you will be 8 (EIGHT) defense short of cap, so unless you have the +13 Defense food Elderberry Pie from the Midsummer Festival like I do, you will have to put 3 points into the Anticipation talent for the def cap.
The armor alone totals to 216 Frost resist, and we will get +60 from the paladin Frost Resistance Aura, and +27 from Improved Mark of the Wild. This brings us to 303 Frost Resist. Neat!

For a guide on other classes' BiS gear, take a peek at Maggot's crappy guide lulrekt:

OKAY SWEATY KIDS we are ready to step foot in our dear friend's chambers now.


Everybody get in the middle of the green dance floor and stay there.
There will be angry mobs that spawn around the side-room pockets, and a handful will slowly approach you all. This is where the RANGED DPS will burn the spooky Banshees ASAP, less they auto-wipe the group. The tank will pick up abominations/skeles and Mr. Rogue will do some murdering on them. Rinse and repeat.


KT will emerge from his diabetic coma and find 5 burglars have entered his home and attacks them! The DPS will ensure that the P1 adds are all dead before switching to KT. Mr. Tank will pick up KT and pull him away from the group to avoid other's being a victim of Frost Blast's stun. Don't hide behind a silly wall, be confident!
- Rogue and Tank will communicate to alternate kicking/shield bashing his Frostbolt casts.
- I would recommend Rogue always tries to keep 20 Energy on hand always to avoid being stuck without Energy or in global during a cast.
- Healer, save Holy Shock for when you have to move out of Fissures!
- Casters, don't bother using mana potions, runes, evocate during this phase, as Mana Explosion will always burn 50% of your current mana pool so it WILL be wasted most likely. Even if you are full oom from continually eating Explosions thats fine, keep eating them proudly. As a net mana loss for the group it is better to be losing 50 mana on an Explosion than someone else losing 3000. Not that you get to pick who gets it, but still.
- Burn him and keep those Frost Protection Potions in use!


KT has made a call to the local authorities regarding a handful of home invaders and the police are here! 2 unkillable/un-cc'able Guardians have entered the fray, one a few seconds after the first. The Tank will most likely be frozen during their spawn, so do the Tank a favor and try to run it near him if it has targeted you. Nobody wants the Tank to have to run KT through the raid to pick one up and everyone gets Frozen.

- I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Tank gets some STRATHOLM HOLY WATER, as the instant you are unfrozen after their spawn, you can throw one quite far and snipe some threat on a far add, enough to get him over to Tank before healing aggro overtakes.
- Initial aggro on the Adds is very crucial, so Tank needs to use big threat attacks on them (Shield Slam/ Heroic Strike) back and forth.
- Don't worry about KT losing aggro, he's been on you this long, he isn't going anywhere for 10s. You can also use more Holy Water for threat/dmg anytime it's up if you feel like moistening them.

Now there is some pretty FRICKIN HEFTY damage going onto tank with all 3 targets hitting him. Usually at Add spawn I will Shield Wall if healer can't keep me above 15%, or if I am healing, then popping CDs now will be super. Once adds are picked up and tank isn't moving anymore he won't be getting hit from behind so dmg should equalize out with healing done. If healer is struggling, just make sure to let lock know to throttle his Life Tapping to a minimum, or perhaps isn't quite geared enough for a solo attempt.

Beyond this typical outline, it's just skill and comfort with your class that makes the money here.

Rinse and repeat for victorious success on your home invasion. You have killed the alone elderly resident and stolen his goodies. GG.

Oh and uh, Healer... press Flash of Light... probably max rank.
pls strats for pala healer
[Image: privilege.jpg]
Quote:Oh and uh, Healer... press Flash of Light... probably max rank.

Paladin is an unstoppable force of OP healing ability, but that being said there will be many tight squeezes and you just need to understand HP is a resource and not everyone needs it. Getting used to the group you run with and knowing what they will do and when is the only "skill" a paladin needs.
Phases 1-2 use R2 Flash, P3 you just pound max Flash until fights over really. Had a handful of fights where everyone in party is at 1-5% except tank, your friends don't need to be healthy, just alive!
Everything about this is wrong, only way to kill Kel'Thuzad is to get

[Image: SZSbk12.jpg]

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