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Kamil's Guide to Enhanced Graphics/Gameplay
@Ministre, use the sounds effect, won't affect your performance at all, and use the model as well you should be fine, sweetfx forget it if you have a bad PC. Just try it out.
@Mow, no idea if sweetfx works on mac but warlord of draenor model should work fine, and you guys can't run .exe file so RIP
I did try, but I end up lagging a little too much so I removed the model, but I got a lot of fog in bgs now and TF is black
would like before and after pics if someone can post them please.
Yeah I should add them but I've been lazy sorry :X, I'll make an effort and upload some when I'll do my daily dose of Retro-BG.
Love it! Ty so much!
Does the new model thing still works?  I just downloaded them and dropped in data folder and it's not working.   Undecided
Figured it out.  Went to Popsi's original post.  There it has Patch 3 that this thread didn't have.  Yup!  I like the game even better now.  Big Grin

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