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Reck Pala BIS Gear
Hello ,has  someone  the BIS gear  for Reck Pala?
Thanks Smile
equip any 2h weapon. 1 shot people.
Head: Lionhearth helm / t2.5 head / Epic pvp head
Neck: Stormrage's Talisman of Seething
Shoulders: t2.5 or Spaulders of the Grand Crusader
Back: Shroud of Dominion
Chest: Plated Abomination Ribcage
wrist: Wristguards of Vengeance
hands: Gauntlets of Annihilation
belt: Girdle of the Mentor
legs: Legplates of Carnage
boots: Chromatic Boots
Trinket: Slayer's Crest
Trinket: Drake Fang Talisman

You can exchange some gear for more hybrid gear like t2.5 or epic pvp gear or go for more stamina for better survival. But that depends what you want. The above gear list would most likely to be the highest damage possible gear. And of course get MoM as weapon. Which is the highest Damage weapon in the game and as a nice speed to it for SoC.

With roughly this gear list i got crits of 3.2k with SoC. You can almost one shot a equally gear warrior.
Tanks Smile
You can also collect epic pvp gear for the 3 set bonus. Lower cd on HoJ
No brains warrior gear 2k mana full dmg build. (I'm doing this by heart, everything is my mind I don't know the exact name of the item nor do I want to search for them but you should find them really easily browsing the vendor across the mall)
Weapon is ALWAYS Might of Menethil
Head: MC Mail Helmet 2% Crit 44 AP (way better than any other helmets when going for a pure Warrior Build)
Neck: Naxx Neck 2% Crit
Spaulers: Grand Crusaders one
Cloak: Naxx one with 1% crit
Chest: Ghoul Skin Tunic from Naxx 2% crit 40 Strenght, way stronger than any other plate variation
Bracers: Bracers of Vengeance from Naxx plate one
Gloves: Gauntlets of Annihilation from AQ40
Belt: Girdle of Mentor from Naxx plate
Pants: Legplates of Carnage, 2% crit in naxx
boots: chromatic boots from BWL with 1% hit chance on it.
Ring: Naxx one 1% hit + Crit
Ring: MC one with 1% crit 30 AP 10 strenght
Trinket: Slayer Crest
Trinket: Medaillon of Alliance + Reflector
This build is really the most no brainer build out there, I hate it really hard, you have 2k mana and can't sustain a fight for shits. you do dmg then die or go oom in 10 sec... (well I'm exaggerating but still I don't like this build xd)

My personal build is this one:
Head: PvP Head
Neck: Naxx 2% crit
Shoulders: PvP Shoulders
Cloak: Naxx 1% crit
Chest: Ghoul Skin Tunic
Bracers: Plate Naxx 1% crit
Hands: PvP Gloves
Belt: Girdle of the Mentor
Leg: GM Legplate
Boots: T2.5/Chromatics
same ring same trinket as above.
This build has so much more mana and the 35 sec stun is juicy.

My final third build is this one if you're shorter on your gold budget I suggest this one to start off.
Head: PvP Head
Neck: Naxx 1% crit
Shoulders: T2.5
Cloak: Naxx 1% crit
Chest: T2.5
Bracers: Naxx 1% crit
Gloves: PvP Gloves
Belts: Naxx 1% crit/hit
Pants: PvP Pants
Boots: T2.5
Same Ring Same Trinket
This build has one of the best mana pool has a ret/reck, 4k Mana is really a sweet spot, the crit rating is nice and you have an extra 100 spell dmg which is OK.
I could add a lot of variant in these build but that's my own personal choice, and I had a lot of success in the past with this.
if you buy the naxx neck I think the 1% and 2% crit are both 15k so get the 2%

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