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20v20 pvp event
Good morning guys,

Sunday and probably more other sunday's, i'll be making with the help of gm's  20v20 events.

It will happen on the AV Test realm at 21:00 server time.

If you are truly interested in that kind of gameplay i invite all of you to start making your char there witht he class and spec you desire, and make your binds in order to be ready.

Bwl/t2 gear will be available for the event so you can gear the char you decided to play.

Later in a near future we might do some specific 20v20 such as 20 mages against 20 shamans, or 20 hunters against 20 warriors; and things like that.*

There will be no reward, just a pvp event between players that enjoy that kind of gameplay and having the satisfaction to be recorded by a very well known youtuber for his next vanilla pvp video

To join the AV test realm and start making your char/bind you cant log out of the real realm and log in, you need to go back in the log in pannel, enter your password then switch to the test realm.
If you connect to the real realm, then switch to AV realm it wont work, you need to connect to AV realm first. Thats all.

Thanks for reading, i hope to see you there, wisp me ig for further infos

Good luck tomorrow and have fun :0)
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Hey, sorry for those of you who waited for the sundays pvp event but sadly i can't make them anymore since AV is not crossfaction anymore and i know it will be too hard to make people roll 50% ally and 50% horde... So yea, was fun the time it lasted !

Oh and if you got 5min, maybe you'll enjoy this video i made yesterday afternoon !


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