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Let's change the gearing process of this funserver.

We all love vanilla WoW because of it's diversity. Players were running around in Dungeon Set 0, few Reputation epics and few MC Epics.
They were running around in PvP, getting instakilled by someone who had critluck or simply super great gear. Thats how vanilla was and it was great!

I don't know if I should call it an issue or not, but every new toon, either from completly new players or existing players who are equiping their alts is rushed towards Naxxramas gear as quickly as possible.
Why's that?
Because every gear set has a huge gap towards Naxx items and everyone is using it because it's super accessible. (accessible gear is great btw)

While beside it being totaly "op" there wouldn't be a huge issue with the fact that everyone is running around in Naxx gear, because of equality reasons.
But there is in fact an issue, that the server is facing currently.
It was already stated in another forum post. This server is gaining a lot of new people every week. WHICH IS GREAT Big Grin. But this server is also losing people every week.

Looking from the starter point of view:

You join the server.
Realize everyone is super geared.
Join PvP and get steamrolled all day untill you get hands on Naxx gear as well.
Some people go through that process others don't.

I think we can do better than that!

Heres the idea

Let's make the gearing process through PvP a journey which is fun and exciting. Which is offering a diversity of gear you go through before you reach the endgame content.

But how would we do that?

One way would be to link the gear you can buy to pvp ranks, or something similar.
(We would need to change the ranking a bit tho. Based on Hks or Marks delivered to Questgiver..)

Basic gearing concept:
Rank0: Access to full starting gear, like D0 and random blute Items.
Rank1: Access to some D2 items.
Rank2: Access to the rest of D2 and some ZG Items.
Rank3: Access to the rest of ZG Items and some MC Items.
Rank4: .... I think you get the idea.

That way, people who stick to their character will also get to Naxx gear at one point, but they will actually go through a journey with their toons and are less likely to get bored with their toon after 1 or 2 weeks, just like now.

How would that idea improve the server overal?

The gear diversity which we all remember from WoW back in the day would be brought back partially.
New players who would join the server would face a huge variety of geared people. Also existing players who decide to gear up an alt would go through the same journey with their other toons. Making this place a more colourful one.

New players would less likely be frustraded.
Existing players woud less likely get bored as quickly and demand events, arenas etc.. .

How can we implement this idea?

Start from scratch.
Yes. Wipe all characters and start from scratch.
Alternatively launch a new Realm with that concept.

If we wipe all characters, we would have to compensate the donators of course.
That could be done by allowing them to start off a higher rank (slightly better start) or giving them access to a token which lets you skip a rank. Can be used whenever.

That would also be a nice idea for a new donation concept. People can donate to skip ranks (max 3 ranks).

I am sure, that by providing this idea to a private (fun) realm we would create an overall better functioning pre tbc pvp realm which is highly enjoyable for new Players and existing ones.

Its great idea but i dont think copying another server is fun. We need new things ofc, but something we havent tried on other servers would be much cooler^^

I agree with the general sentiment of this suggestion. Right now the item diversity is practically non existent, everyone just rushes to tick off items from their BIS-List. But looking back at vanilla the one thing that made it great was diversity.

The ultimate question to answer will be how you see raids fitting into the whole stuff. There's no point in a lot of items if you can easily do BWL or AQ every 2 days.
I love the 5 man raid system, it allows people to revisit the raids and get cool loot - but let's be honest: In vanilla even normal dungeons offered a similar experience to what you have now in BWL, the raids usually aren't anything special.

The problem is that something like this would need a complete revamp of the server which is just not realistic at all.

What I think this server suffers most from is the stale end-game. While in vanilla you had lots of different goals to pursue here the only thing you can do is gear an alt, which is done on the side easily if you're clearing naxx (which isnt too hard really).
I do agree that vanilla was nice because you were fighting against people with different gear and it was fun, but I doubt your idea will work..
Gearing through pvp is a nice idea but ranks here are really easy to get because the population is too low for the 10k players intended on retail.

I understand what you want, but I don't think it could work here without a reset and nobody wants that.

Also, the gear gap problem between starters and old players is mostly in bgs and the fact that some bis premades steamroll the starters so they log out never to come back.
While I agree that T3 gear makes PvP in general less interesting and commend you for trying to find a solution to this particular issue, I believe you are doing a disservice to your effort with unrealistic suggestions.

Wiping characters? I don't think so, people have spent a lot of time on this server playing and farming items (novelty, fun trinkets, useful trinkets, fishing :p). Also giving donators a token, or a few ranks up? Do you honestly believe it's okay to decide that the money people spent on a clear transaction (ie money for X item/gold) makes any sense? You might not care but assuming so for all the other players is ridiculously selfish. Never mind the fact that some people have donated $20(euroes w/e) while others $500 (maybe more it's possible).

This whole concept is stupid, how can you decide what that money is worth to people?
Also there is no way the staff is ever going to implement something that will directly piss off their source of revenue.

All in all good intentions, ridiculously stupid implementation idea. Something more realistic is necessary.
with all due respect, mow, it sounds like you want to play a different version of the game than is offered here at retro

maybe like a version where you have to level... and get gear at a much slower pace.. you know... like a blizzlike server

i don't agree with people when they say naxx gear makes the game boring. i think capping gear is a ridiculous idea. you have thousands of options in way of utility, consumables, trinkets, and various other methods involving team cohesiveness, tactics, and general strategy that can effectively render any gear disparity pointless to the one player/team with the perceived advantage. at any rate, i don't think calling your idea stupid is correct; you only mean well, and i honestly see where you're coming from. however, with as much thought as you've given to your ideas, i believe you've become a bit too attached to this idea of wiping the server and essentially reconfiguring the entire server's mechanics for your own.
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What are you smoking?
Might have come across a bit aggressive. But since real money is involved anything to do with wiping chars or affecting past donation transactions is a big no-no.
Mow Im not against your post but let me point this out.
Things the server is working on fixing:
countless class quests
countless items that are bugged or dont function correctly
fixing stealth
fixing pathing
fixing fear
Class scaling in general

Im not sure if you realize what a big ask this is. You are asking for a brand new server on a server that is still developing their core. Think of it this way-
You dont go into mcdonalds and order a cheseburger, then ask for a Whopper as you watch them make it

I applaud you for putting in the time to write the post, but I think youll have more success getting ideas through if you think a little smaller in scope. Also not sure how many players would like the drastic change in the server given that they came here because they like the way it's currently set up.

(01-24-2017, 01:56 PM)ausrufepunkt Wrote: What I think this server suffers most from is the stale end-game. While in vanilla you had lots of different goals to pursue here the only thing you can do is gear an alt, which is done on the side easily if you're clearing naxx (which isnt too hard really).

How you gear your player is up to you. Is it really diversity if everyone is different? I suppose so but at the same time you stand out way more when you intentionally use lower gear vs fullbislist mens.
I would also like to say that how you gear your character is entirelly up to you: you have access to most items and the freedom to use what you want. If you think it's stale, you probably arent going out and looking for the items that could make the game more exciting for you (linkens boomerang, d2 pieces, craftable on effect armor, rare low level items with cool procs)- find some of those and start gearing your character as you want to see him and observe the results.
Please don't use the tired argument of not being able to play vs t3 in preraid gear, so many people have shown this to be false. Or is it other people's gear which is boring you? In that case I don't think you have many options.
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Thank you for all your replies. I'm glad this topic touches a nerve of the community.

I do understand the issue about valueing money. I myself have also supported this server with more than 300€, which I don't miss in my daily life. Money is different to everyone. That's why this idea might be interesting to implement on a new server.

While you @Gnawbone you are right about the fact that we do have free choice of using any gear we want. But the fact is that most people rush towards BiS and stick to that. While there is no journey in between.
I am not suggesting "a slower experience in general such as blizzlike", but instead I am suggesting something that might turn out great and create a huge USP for this server.

The pvp ranking system would need to get changed in order for that to work. That is very true. While this might be a time intensive fix we could create a nice workaround which would simulate a similar progress.

Custom PvP Tokens which you get as a reward for winning / attending a BG. (not for killing blows, but for actually finishing the game.) This would also minor the endless graveyard farming etc.

Let's say 2 Custom Tokens for a Win and 1 for a lose.

0 - 10 Tokens is "rank1" which grants access to the gear vendor for d0.
11 - 50 Tokens is "rank2" which grants access to gear vendor for some D2

Ofc we would need to find an increasing curve that isn't too hardcore but still not rushable in a day or two.

This way wouldn't require a whole new rewamp of the server. It might also be less coding than any of these AV fixes.
Retro staff already knows how to implement custom tokens and custom quests to npcs. So maybe this might be a way to achieve this for maximum fun with minimum effort.

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