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Stormgarde Keep : 20v20 event
Hi !

This sunday 5 february and probably more other sunday, i will organize a 20 v 20 event in Stormgarde Keep :

Everyone is welcome, we will start around 21:00 GMT +1

Right now we have :

11/20 horde players
8/20 ally players

We will probably mostly need ally players since they are a minority on the server !

Contact Sunqt or Sunqx in game to tell me that you want to join, or just post on that post your name + class + faction

Here is a 20v20 event i made once if you want to see what it will look like, even if the map is different :
Event is tonight, be there guys it might be fun
Once Im back from holiday at the end of the month Ill check in with them about the March event and also see what dates area avilable in September.

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