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Priest and Maexxna
I am priest, I am not able to remove poisons. I am not taken in NAXX (Maexxna-boss)(need only hpally). It very much upsets all priests. It can be possible to construct the mechanism which will allow to be urgent in NAXX to this healer?

I apologize for my English, it google translate.
Probably to game masters to spit on this unpleasant situation.
Therefore online higher than 300 doesn't rise.
It is a lot of minor problems to which all close eyes.
Here for example:
Why One-Hand weapon costs 20k gold? And Two-Hand 20k. Where logic?
It is necessary to forbid to be registered on BG in group. (all have to have equal conditions). Or gank party (full t3) vs start gear party it's nice? And it is interesting?

I apologize for my English, it google translate.
If you really want to heal maexxna as a priest you can use first aid. Assistents has done it successfully.

1h weapons and 2h weapons cost the same amount of gold because if you were to raid for them, it's harder to get 2 drops than 1 drop. Pretty logical.

Premades are a subjective thing, but nearly all servers allow them and they were allowed on retail, so you can hardly complain about them, even if they're stupid.
+10 maggon
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If you want to heal Maexxna as a priest then raid with a shaman, paladin, or druid in the group or make sure your tank has 300 first aid and have them use anti-venom (recipe sold by Argent Dawn rep).

Spiders use poisons. You have to find some way to rid the poisons.

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