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Basic dps rotations for the 5 main classes (mage, lock, rogue, fury, hunter)
On retro, ignite ticks are based off the crit that started the ignite, rather than the last 5 crits. For example: a r12 fireball crit followed by 4 r1 scorch crits will tick as though 5 r12 fireballs have crit.
As a result, mages can reach absurd dps numbers by doing the following:
Apply a 5 stack scorch.
Spam max rank fireball until you get a crit.
Use scorch, fireblast, and blastwave to keep the fireball's ignite alive for as long as possible.
Scorch, fireblast, and blastwave should be downranked for mana conservation if necessary. Ideally, you want to end every fight with zero mana, but never run oom- keeping your ignite alive is much more important than adding a bit of damage by using higher ranks of scorch/blast/wave.

On retro, expose stacks with sunder armor. A 5 cp improved expose adds +47% physical damage to a sundered target. As a result, when a rogue is in the party, a 5 cp improved expose should be maintained on the boss.
5 cp expose
3 cp slice
Pop cooldowns (rush, flurry, trinkets)
5 cp eviscerate
5 cp expose
2-4 cp slice (depending on ss dodges. Never prioritize slice over expose. Generally it's going to be a 3cp slice)

Dot lock will hopefully be patched soon, so I'm not going to talk about that here.
Use coe if you have a mage, cos if not.
Keep corruption up
Spam shadowbolt
Don't kill yourself with lifetap

Never clip your auto.

Fire fury will hopefully be patched soon, so I'm not going to talk about that here, either.
Skill priority:
Bloodthirst > whirlwind > heroic > hamstring spam
Overpower whenever possible, but fit it in nicely so you don't waste too much rage when you stance dance.
Maintain battleshout.

Bonus: prot warrior
Not rage capped rotation, max threat:
Revenge on cooldown
Rage capped rotation:
(shield block on cooldown)
(heroic strike constantly)
Shield slam
Maintain battleshout. Maintain demo shout and clap + disarm on cooldown if the situation requires.
These rotations are for max threat, not max dps.

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