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Rogue D2 > T3?

Is it worth to get D2 as a rogue over T3? I see some people use it and some don't. Some even say it's not even close and everyone should be using D2.

Hoping for answers.
People use it because of the set that gives 35 energy.
But i dont think the 35 energy can change much since its only a chance and not 100% proc +t3 stats much much better.

The RNG with the 4 piece is not worth the major stat loss from the t3, from my experience, it procs about every 50 swings minimal, and as of late, it seems to have been proccing even less.
I've been using d2 for a long time and it's bis until you get your full t3.

The good thing with it is that with the full set you can swap any piece of gear to make it work when you get a better item. I strongly suggest the chest with it's 2% hit it's really a must!

It will take about 8-10 hours and up to 2 friends to complete some quests as well as 2-3k if you buy everything you need.

Of course if you have a bis main an dcan easily get t3 in 2-3 naxx runs then you might want to spend your time on something else.

Tbh my dps didn't upgrade that much between t3 and the 4 t3/ 4d2.. with the 4 piece t3 you get a bonus to energy regen + 4set d2 that seems to proc more often then 1/50 imo and I've been using this for months.

So final word is : If you're new here and plan on raiding for your gear, the d2 is a must and will boost your dps, but if you run naxx frequently and can get t3 easily or you're already bis it's not worth it.
It's a cool quest, I recommend it to anyone who likes questing (lol?)
Tbh looks>stats for rogues and locks, they need as many style points as they do stats because they are already very stylish classes

tldr: use armor that looks cool even if it gives you intellect or something.
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4 D2 + 4 T3 is BiS for PvE due to the energy procrate. The extra 4 pieces of t3(5 w/ ring) won't make enough of a difference to rationalize dropping the D2 if you have it.

If you logged the exact same fight using both variations (8/9 T3 w/ BiS belt) / (4 D2 + BiS Belt + 4 T3 including ring) the 2nd should be on top on paper by a decent margin over a lengthy fight, you can't beat energy injections while also sacrificing minimum stats through theorycrafting gear.

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