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Sanctity Aura and SoC
Good morning guys,
as new player of this server i'm here to ask if Sanctity Aura works as intended, i tried myself yesterday in a farm session for AD rep, and it seemed to me on an average of 30~ hits, that with or without Sanctity Aura, the dmg of SoC (Seal of Command), was the same , was i wrong?
I know perfectly that on a 500 hit the +10% would make it a 550 hit, but still i want to be sure.
Also i noticed, and of this i'm sure, that SoC does the same exact damage on target either stunned (or incapacitated) or not . 
Any feedback from more experienced player here on retro?


PS: i play as holy so please don't start "Go holy...Retri not viable" etc etc etc.  Tongue

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