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Buying Gear with gold
I've farmed a little bit of gold now and i'm wondering what I should spend it on. Things I've figured is to just save up for BiS gear, and to avoid buying set pieces because there a little pricey.(I'm a rogue btw in case this changes anything) I'm not sure if I should save up for Naxx weapons and buy those or just buy Naxx off set items because there cheaper and still huge upgrades. Any comments and help is appreciated, Thanks
It's personal preference, some people save for naxx, others don't. Do you booboo
Run aq40 its easy and have good loot.
Buy BiS items only. Like Kel loot.

t3 is also real easy to get. can spend on special items like dft /etc
If you want to get into naxx raids easier buy gressil and the hungring cold. And if you have them with t2.5 u should get into naxxes easier and faster
Buy gressil first cuz this wepn would boost ur dps so much and its main item for rogues/fury warrs
And remember enchants are most have aswell even if its t2.5! People think t2.5 isnt worth it but t2.5 if you want biggest eviscreates as rogue its bis for hemo

If you don't have friends in high places to carry you through Naxx, I'd get the weapon that drops from Kel-Thuzad.
ill carry you np message me in-game see ya
Well, It's actually fun to start a character from scratch. I've done it a lot of times. Especially if you're new..
ZG > BWL > (maybe MC for some particular item) > AQ40 and just get enchanted and swagged out and ur on naxx.

You just have to pick the right class. Hpala / Tank / Rogue / Mage / Warlock. Enjoy!
I agree they should make gear from naxx able buy from gold earn throughout wsg marks and naxx
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I have two guys. One is about half bought, the other almost completely. It was just too easy to make gold. And I don't feel bad because if 19 twinking was possible here, I'd have done it with a 19 instead of making a 60 twink rogue. One guy is full BiS with Thunderfury and everything, the other I've set up with respectable mid-range tier gear a few naxx pieces One guy has about 265k worth of stuff. The other has about 100k. They might be 10 percent apart on specs. If I had to do it again, I'd have probably just made two t2 guys and raided with both of them until BiS. That would have been a lot more fun in retrospect. I mean, sometimes you get some anger from players. "You bought that guy" and I don't understand that. Not everyone is in love with raiding. It would be like me saying "Did you farm that Shadowfang yourself? You better not have bought it off the AH". Besides, Batman just had a lot of money. He didn't raid for his gear. Nobody hates Batman.

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