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Pve specs
Rogue, combat swords:

Mage, fire:

Warlock, ds ruin (highest damage):
Warlock, sm ruin (lose a bit of damage for utility. drop points in drain life and put them in suppression if you lack hit):

Shaman, resto:

Priest, holy:
Priest, shadow:

Paladin, holy:
Paladin, ret:

Druid, swiftmend:
Druid, moonglow (less versatility, better pure healing):
Druid, feral:

Hunter, bm (good till you get some gear):
Hunter, mm:

Warrior, 2h fury (good till you get some gear):
Warrior, dw fury:
Warrior, prot (shift points from shield wall / armor to defense as necessary):
Adding shaman - enhancement for you:
Added a Starter-Geared tank spec for beginner warrior tanks who need to hold threat and not die, more than to do damage. You could sacrifice points to get impale, but you won't crit often enough to justify it in full starter gear.

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