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LFM to naxx
Small friends formation LF people for naxx. For now we are looking for tank slot and maybe rdps (one of ours rds is a girl and she has non constat play time). 
Requirments: Be prenaxx or near, be polite and patient, be ready for wipes and long runs, dont be a dps god or some other kind of harrasment. We wont accept u, if u like to leave after shit pull or smth like dat (90% of naxx runners did dat, and there's no slot for first time in naxx guys).

Our time zone gmt+3 and we almost always start at 21:00 by our time. 

If u wanna join us - mail me ingame or pst on >keeprollin, or leave a message in private on forum.
Sup, I'm a best in slot mage with atiesh.

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