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Warsong Addon
Hello there,

I was interested to know which addon people are using to describe the percentage of HP the EFC still has.

"EFC has 10% HP, be ready to cap"

the first addon called "bg ennemy frame"
(06-28-2017, 12:59 PM)walenkryx Wrote: the first addon called "bg ennemy frame"

Thx my Sunqty
Hey, i have downloaded the addon, its great to see all the enemy players with health and stuff, even to see efc...
the best part is that u can even see the debuffs directly over the enemy player + the castbar!! but i got 1 problem, is it possible to display all that outside of the bg aswell? so to see castbar over enemy player and debuffs? would be so awesome!
yea that addon is great, especially for allowing you to see in the bg map your mates with the color of their class

but i don't think you can display the debuff also outside a bg sadly

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