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LF Enemy Cooldown Addon
Hey Guys, i am looking for a good addon to overwatch enemy cooldowns.

i basicly just want to use it for duels, so it would be great if it has an option to easily turn it off ingame without a relog.

Hope you can help me out! Smile

If anyone is interested, i found the addon called: "Nature Enemy Castbar". Its a realy nice addon imo. Runs smootly and has a nice option window so you dont have to learn some complicated commands to set it up for you Wink.

Does the job, it tracks enemy casts, enemy buffs/debuffs and cooldowns!! of course you can turn some features off if u want
configure above add-on with the in-game command /necb
downloaded, placed in folder, but does nothing. Game says its alright, but when i type /necb it does nothing and says "Type /help bla bla bla".

Why Sad I get this with all addons I download... nothing works, even tho it works for others. Pointless.
Antagonist is also good.

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