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First 1v1 Double Class Tournament!
Hi, Retro-WoW Community, I will host a....

1v1 "Double Class" Tournament next Saturday @ 5 pm Server time! (15th of July, 2017)

It will be a Starter-Gear only tournament!

This time the Prize Pool as it stands is 40k gold (could be more by next week we will see.)

1st Place wins:  25k gold
2nd Place wins: 10k gold
3rd Place wins:  5k gold


What does "Double Class" mean?

It is simple: Every participant brings two classes to the Tournament not only 1 like a normal 1v1.
                  Players must win with both to advance to the next round.
                    For the following example, the player names are "Arthas" and "Illidan".

"Arthas" decides to bring Paladin as his first class and Warlock as his second class.
"Illidan" decided to bring Hunter and Rogue to the tournament.

"Arthas" and "Illidan" are matched-up against each other in the first round.

Now both of them can decide with which class to start. In this case "Arthas" decides to bring out his Warlock and "Illidan" his Hunter.
After a fierce 1v1 "Arthas" wins the first match with his Warlock so he is forced to relog to his paladin and win with him as well. "Illidan" can choose to stay on his Hunter for the next match or he can switch out to his Rogue (like Pokemon lol).

In this case, he chooses to switch out to his Rogue and "Arthas" brings out his Paladin.

The second duel goes into "Arthas" favor as well so he has defeated the Rogue of "Illidan".

"Arthas" has won a duel with both his classes, he advances to the next round. "Illidan" is kicked out of the tournament.


  • No Useable (Bandages, Food, Pots, Flask, Scrolls, Demonic Rune etc. you got the point)

  • Only Gear that you can get from the Starter-Vendors in the Mall is allowed   

  • No Enchanting!                 
  • Engineering is banned!
  • All CD's over 10 min are banned
  • If you want to participate reply to this thread with both of your In-game character names and their respective classes.
  • Have Fun!


I have made a separate Discussion-Thread about this tournament in the Forum. 
This Threads only purpose is to read the rules and to Sign in for the tournament!!

Link to the Discussion-Thread:

Hey i am in with following chars: Crawumz = Shaman / Crawlock = Warlock
Either the people are just too lazy to look in the forum for stuff like this, or they dont like the set up of your tournaments.

Looks really bad this time too Sad
How about this! It doesnt matter hoe many people show up as long as ther is 2 people just let em fight and give prize...

Sign me on samrogue and adagny rogue/wlock

Duelmaker bro, where you at!? We need more events, haven't seen you online for some time :'(
Did duelmaker die?

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