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<A> <Epidemic> Australian guild
Hey guys

My brother and I are new to the server and are starting an austalian guild. We have only come across one other aussie, we are reaching out to anyone that plays around 9pm AEST 10GMT...

We are a holy pally and a fury war, however I can switch tank if we get numbers... we have experienced most content on retail when it was current content, however, there is always new things you have to learn... while content was current in retail, we cleared; mc, ony, bwl, zg, aq20, some of aq40 and a few wings of naxx40. In wotlk we cleared naxx10 and naxx25...
We are interested in people willing to progress and learn with us, new to the server or new to vanilla as a whole we are willing to teach you, however, we are not here to babysit and wipe 100times on 1 encouter without progression in said encounter.

Medousa & Yianni, hope to hear from some of you soon.
Hi there, I'm from Australia too and I'd be willintg to tag along in raid/generally chill out! feel free to add me (toons name is Magdel)

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