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Are raids common here? if so which class is mostly needed

I am not interested in PVP, just PVE. I tried some Vanilla server but they were shut down or are dead due to player base. And I simply dont want to lvl to 60 again with low rates, run 5er dungeons in the hope to do a 40er raid. 

So is PVE active on this server or is it mostly PVP? And if raids are executed what class do you thing is in the highest demand?
I'd say the raids are 50% of what the server is, important same as pvp, cuz there are people like myself that dont care for pvps. Also, yea, you can raid a lot, from aq20 to whatever your gear is up to.
In my opinion gearing with the best gear is faster with raiding instead of pvp ( the time farming title ive spent onto is = on the time id build up new fresh hero with bis gear, still not title cuz its boring. ) most needed things for raid are tanks and healers / best classes that handle those roles are warrior and a paladin. ( you can heal bwl with preraid gear from the vendors with no hard time like the other classes)
if u want to heal go paladin if u want to dps go mage or rogue if u want to tank go warrior

Make a warlock! From my exp, it looks like a wlock is always needed in raids ^^


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