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Libram of Fervor
Hello, everyone!

Could you please provide more information on Seal of Command scaling? The last time we pushed a change to Seal of Command was over a year ago (to fix scaling, "The proc will occur more often, but will only do 70% of weapon-swing damage.
Damage bonus from +Holy damage items slightly increased.
The actual formula for seal of command should be: 70% Weapon Damage + 20% (29% w/ judgement) Spell Power for the proc itself.) ; and to my knowledge we haven't issued any changes to the spell since then.

I need more real information; damage parses and/or video sources to indicate whether or not SoC is performing like it should. At any rate from the testing that has been done, Seal of Command seems to work as intended.

Regarding Libram of Fervor; I will personally work to see this item available for paladins on the new core. You patience is appreciated, and I understand your frustrations.

Hey Bam, thanks for caring,

So there are 2 things I think got mixed up for SoC's fix you made a year ago:
The "weapon damage": For instance MoM got (289-435)
And the actual weapon damage of your character that takes the weapon into account AND the AP of the character
I'm almost sure the fix you guys made was 70% of the "damage of the weapon"  instead of the real weapon damage of the character.
In one word, the fix ignored the ap of paladins and only took into account what weapon they were using.

So my ret got MoM (289-435 so 367 average "damage weapon") and (505-661 wich is average 580,5) as real weapon damage

70% of 367 is 257 ("weapon damage" of MoM)
70% of 580,5 is 406. (real weapon damage)

And my SoC hits between 250 and 300 (wichs btw kind of correspond I think to 70% of MoM + 20% spell power)
Maybe I'm wrong for saying that the 250-300 damage from SoC I get right now corresponds to 70% of the "weapon damage" from MoM and 20% spell power, that's just a theory that seems legit.

What is for sure tho, is that 250-300 damage is far below the right number that is 70% of 580,5=406, and of course the 20% spell power we need to add to 406.
Very nice Sunqt, if it's correct..sounds plausible though
I know this isn't where to ask, but since recent posts from Bam, any ETA on new core?
- Cryo
Also, would the Libram of Fervor be available in the new core?  I'm actually testing out Shockadin, so this Libram would help a bit...   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
make ret gre, i mean normal again
And Sanctity Aura is broken too.  SoR hits the same amount of damage with or without this Aura.  Also, I though holy damage can't be resisted?
(09-21-2017, 07:00 PM)KingBehemoth Wrote: And Sanctity Aura is broken too.  SoR hits the same amount of damage with or without this Aura.  Also, I though holy damage can't be resisted?

OH WAIT!  So is it SoR that's broken and not Sanctity Aura?  If that's the case, yes please fix SoR...   Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin

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