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Buff raids and other stuff
Since world buffs are going to be easier/more accessible they're going to make the now easy raids even easier it would be nice to see bosses buffed/fixed. I know there are many people who just want to pvp but there are also many people who enjoy the pve on retro so here are some things that could make the pve a little bit more challenging and less boring and tank and spank: (list by me and Calder)

Noth: Fix teleport to balcony so he cant be dpsed during it
Heigan the unclean: Buff Plague Cloud so players cant heal through it on the platform (basically any healer can heal it with 0 buffs atm, with all 5 players on the platform. There are many of mages etc who have no clue how to dance because they can just sit there instead)
Loatheb: Fix spores, fix los, tune damage and debuff length as necessary
Grobbulus: Add poison cloud mechanic, buff add damage so a caster cant tank it
Gluth: Reduce zombie health slightly
Thaddius: Add polaritys (Less tank and spank), make him aggro you instantly after waking up so people cant regen to full mana after stalagg and feugen, make it not possible to skip gluth to reach thaddius (its silly that people can kill thaddius sapphiron and kelthuzad without ever even seeing gluth)
4horsemen: Make debuffs cause additional damage, not as much as blizzlike but maybe 3% increase per stack
Sapphiron: Buff Life Drain
Kelthuzad: Extend phase 1, fix los on all his spells (To prevent healer lossing every boss spell)

Bug Trio: More health/damage
Fankriss: More health/damage (on adds too)
Viscidus: Fix Poison Volley to ignore LOS
Cthun: Make eye beam chaining more punishing (Shouldn't survive if like 3 people chain it)

Kurinaxx: More health/damage, fix sandtraps
General Rajaxx: Add the waves (With a few less monsters), more health/damage
Moam: More health/damage

Onyxia: More health/damage, fix whelp eggs, make fear not interruptable

Trash: Make trash (not including suppression room) do like 3x damage
Razorgore: Fix eggs and trash spawn, make razorgore and vale not possible to skip
Make Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor do damage (Ebonroc specifically does like 0 damage)
Nefarian: Fix class calls (short duration for druid, mage and priest), make fear not interruptable, add phase 1 and Bone Constructs at the end

Other stuff:
Thunderfury and other chance on hits should proc on sunder armor, bloodthirst, shield slam and shield bash
(All but shield slam and shield bash were fixed on the biggest vanilla server (opensource) after people posted proof 
(7:12 Sunder Armor4:15 5:37 6:06 6:42 BloodthirstExecute + 9:32 ExecuteWarrior "Shield Slam" and "Shield Bash" will no longer trigger a proc from an equipped weapon. 2.0.1 patch.) I dont know why they didn't fix shield slam and shield bash. If its a TBC fix it should be in 1.12.1 servers)
Its silly that Alcors Sunrazor what costs like 1k gold does more threat than thunderfury what takes ages to farm or costs 100 euros.

-PvE Heros Stranger and Calder
You made my day



Many veteran players would like to see fixes of current bugs before new custom content is added. Proper Naxx mechanics would help keep many veteran players, myself included, interested in playing here.

I have seen a lot of new players come and go. Many new players with previous vanilla experience are turned off by the lack of mechanics as covered by this post.

Currently, half the fights in Naxx are tank and spanks. This shouldn't be the case. I understand that dev resources are extremely limited, but the current state of Naxx is causing veteran players to quit and new players to write the server off.

I support this post in the interests of the server's growth / longevity, as well as the quality of gameplay for myself and my fellow players. Just my 2c
+1 i want to be a PvE hero so that would be awesome to increase my experience big boi kungen
Sampula be nicee

Will actually create some kind of requirement for raids rather than anyone just being able to do it. No longer having half-assed players not knowing anything and still clearing due to tank and spank
I must agree to most of the raid boss and trash suggestions.

I joined just a few weeks ago, playing feral druid and did not buy anything and bosses like flamegor, ebonroc.....hit me for 40-100 dmg.
Most trash mobs in MC are harder than many bosses here.

I would add one thing to the list:

AQ40 - Skeram
- reduce the number of spawning copies of the boss from 2 to 1.
Sounds good. A rather large undertaking tho. I would rather see more effort into PVP aspects.

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